Allen and JB’s Perfect Day

I love weddings. I love the romance, the festive vibe and how everyone is rooting for the bride and grooms happiness. Of course, planning a wedding (especially your own) is a different story. Weddings have become such a big production already that many couples find the idea of getting married a daunting and pretty much expensive prospect. I’ve started planning out my own wedding myself and I admit that there are a lot of things to consider.

allen and jb wedding + luxe hotelThe Bride in Veluz

If before you only had to think about the dinner menu, now there are add ons such as the dessert buffet and the appetizers. Then there are giveaways, photobooth, photographer and videographer, make-up artist… Now, even the bridal robe is a big deal. Still, even with all these things to consider, I find planning my own wedding an exciting prospect. A wedding after all is a celebration of love, a public declaration of the couples commitment to each other as well as before God and man. So instead of being daunted by all these details, embrace it! Enjoy the process. DSC00222 DSC00225 DSC00094 DSC00191


DSC00176 DSC00150Recently, two of my good friends, Allen and JB got married. It was a beautiful wedding. The decor was exquisite, the food was delicious and the program went smoothly. But what I liked most of all was the exchange of vows. The ceremony puts the focus on the wedding on the married couple that stand before God. This is now the start of their journey in marriage. The dinner celebration afterwards was a happy culmination of the ceremony.


I’ve always thought you needed to spend at least 1M pesos to have a decent wedding. Then I realized, you don’t have to spend a lot to have a nice wedding. With a lot of planning, resourcefulness, creativity and loyal and helpful friends, you can have your dream wedding without breaking your bank account.


Allen and JB had been together for  14 years and now that they have finally committed to be together for life, I pray that their relationship continuous to grow stronger and better. Like aged wine, may their relationship grow sweeter and more enjoyable through time.


Go live a Truly Wealthy life.


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