Dindo and Marichi’s Truly Wealthy Story: Lot Sold in Less than 1 Month


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I’ve always believed that that every property has buyer. But in order to sell a listing fast, it needs to be listed at the right price. Otherwise, it will sit on the market for months or even years.

I listed Sir Dindo and Ms. Marichis’ Golf Estates lot last August 2016. Less than a month after, one of our affiliates brought a buyer to their lot. They negotiated and managed to come up with a selling price that both parties agreed with. We did the due diligence and in less than a week, the deal was closed.

Marketing a listing can be tricky – especially if it’s located in a high end market like Pueblo Golf Estates. So in order to reach the right market, you’ll need to do target marketing. Another thing sellers must consider is to market at the right price. Because if the price is too high, then buyers wont bother to inquire because they’ll think you’re not a serious seller.

Mr. Dindo and Ms. Marichi were able to sell their lot less than a month after listing it with Truly Wealthy Realty because of the following formula: Right pricing + right marketing + competent real estate broker.

So how do you know if your price is right? Set a meeting with the best real estate broker you know and avail of a property consultation. In setting a selling price, you cant just pick up a number out of thin air (a lot of owners seem to do this). There has to be a basis for your pricing. A good broker will run you through the process on how to set a fair selling price.

What about you?

Who is a person you know who is selling their property but hasn’t had any inquiries yet?

Please send me an email with their name and situation. I promise they’ll get the excellent service they deserve.

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