How Do You Celebrate Christmas?


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Last night our bible study group at CCF (we call it DGroup), celebrated our Christmas party. There was food, games, gifts and of course, a message from our DGroup Leader, Kuya Mel Santos. What I like about Kuya Mel is that he makes things so simple I can easily get his point.

He started with the question, “How do you celebrate Christmas?”

We all celebrate Christmas in different ways. Some travel. Some celebrate it with a simple dinner. Some go on out-reach programs to share their blessings with the less fortunate.

For our family, we celebrate it by going to church together and then gathering for Noche Buena at our ancestral house. Christmas with us is often noisy and chaotic as most of my cousins are boys. Yep. I’ve been surrounded by testosterone all my life.

Christmas has always been my favorite season. It seems people are more giving and happier during this time of the year. Plus, I can’t deny that I love going to all the Christmas parties that crop up during December. Since I have many groups of friends, I get to go to a lot of parties ^_^

We often get caught in a whirl of Christmas activity that we forget what Christmas really is about. This Season is not just about going to parties, gift shopping and socializing. It’s about giving back to Jesus who has given us so much us. When I think about what Christ has done for us on the cross, I become overwhelmed, because I know that nothing I do can ever compare to what He has done for me.

What can you give back to Jesus this 2014?

Is it your body? You can start taking better care of your health because, after all, your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Is it your decisions? You can involve God in all your decisions so you can proceed with wisdom.

Is it your time? You can spend more time at church serving God and others.

As for me, it’s my attitude. Sometimes I give in to my quick temper. Now, I try to be more patient and to have a good attitude no matter what the circumstance. Contrary to what most of you may think, I’m not perfect (lol). I have many faults, and I still sin a lot >.<. That’s why I need God in my life (Where would I be without him?). And this Christmas 2014, that’s what I want to give Him.

What about you? What can you give to Jesus this Christmas?


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