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When I started the realty with my partners, we had nothing but the passion for it and the faith to see it through. We didn’t have experience, money or contacts. But we persevered anyway. Why? Because we loved it.

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Yesterday, we celebrated the 3rd year Anniversary of our realty. Plus, we had our awarding ceremony for October, November, December, Q4 2014 and for the year 2014. I got a few awards including November Top Seller (Iligan Branch), 4th Quarter 2014 Top Broker (Iligan Branch) and Top Broker for 2014. (Read full post at Truly Wealthy Realty’s official website HERE).

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Being a real estate broker hasn’t been an easy journey. But it has been a very rewarding and fulfilling one. I enjoy my job and most of the time, I don’t even feel like its work. I get paid to do what I love to do. How cool is that?

If there is one thing I’ve learned by being in this business, it’s the importance of planting. You have to keep on planting, and planting, and planting…Because eventually you will harvest. Life is an echo. We get back what we give out. And it has been that way for me.

If you give out love and kindness, you’ll enjoy lasting friendships and good relationships.

If you work hard and genuinely care for your clients, you will get referrals and loyal customers.

What about you? What are you planting today? Good or bad, you will eventually reap what you sow. Once you find what you love to do, don’t stop planting for one day, it will be harvest time.

Plant wisely. Plant consistently. Plant faithfully.

Go live a Truly Wealthy life.

– Alex



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