Memories From Last Summer

The best thing about memories is not only in making them – but in keeping them. I found this poem that someone wrote for me. Even though it’s been years, reading this still makes me smile.


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A summer we met as this summer ends

I can still remember the feel of your hands
As it is known that all it is but imagination
To have that night again would be ambition

One with adventure that runs through her veins
And a spirit of gold that shines though it rains
Just like how birds fly south for the winter
I’d give anything and everything for her

Opportunities that pass wont come another time
Just like this poem doesn’t always have to rhyme
Its the only way to show the beauty she has inside
For in this poem are feelings i just cannot hide

But what she knows is just i do care
Nevertheless in this world it isn’t fair
But the question remains if i have a chance
To make it a bit more than just one dance

So its goodnight for tonight and tomorrow again
For me to finish what i started then
Before this day ends i just hope you knew
That you’ve been on my mind and i miss you


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