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nutrifit CGY 8Being healthy is now a trend in Cagayan de Oro. Most of my friends work out and (try to) eat healthy. I, myself, do Crossfit almost everyday at Crossfit Kayagan. Working out regularly is easy – one you make it a habit. But eating healthy is a lot more challenging.

Why? Because we are surrounded by so many unhealthy food options. Fast food and pastry shops abound around Divisoria area and in malls. For someone who believes in living a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy is a challenge.

This is why when I found out about Nutrifit CGY, I thought, finally! More healthy options for health buffs like me :)

Nutrifit CGY is the brainchild of pastry chef Melody Tan and gourmet chef Angelo Reyes. Eventually they added a third partner, Cai Cansino. It was launched last March 2015 and is the first Paleo home delivery business in Cagayan de Oro.


The owners of Nutrifit CGY

The paleolithic diet, also known as the paleo diet or caveman diet, is a diet based on the food our ancestors might have likely eaten – meat, nuts, fruits and vegetables. This
excludes all processed food and dairy. This diet is based on the premise that, despite technological advances, the nutritional needs of humans remain the same. Our bodies don’t respond well to processed food which is what most people consume on a daily basis. Proponents claim that followers of the Paleolithic diet may enjoy a longer, healthier, more active life.


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For only P150, you’ll get a main course and salad. Sometimes, they also throw in a surprise dessert. The whole meal is only about 300 calories. And delivery is free! If you dont have the time to go out of the office to buy food, then you can just order in. It’s convenient and hassle-free. You can now enjoy healthy, delicious and guilt-free meals daily. nutrifit CGY 4

Our vision for NutriFit CGY is to reach out to people and teach them how to eat healthy. It’s a journey we are all going through and we just want to share it to others. We want that for others as well. It’s not only about losing weight but being healthy – Cai

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 Living a healthy lifestyle is a habit that we can all form. We just have to decide to commit to it. It may be a challenge, but believe me, you’ll get more out of it. If you are in great shape, you’ll be able to look better, feel better and perform better in the other areas of your life.

So what are you waiting for?

Go life a Truly Wealthy life!



For inquiries on Nutrifit CGY, contact 0927 300 5490.

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