Praise to Overflow

praise to overflow + october 2015 + ccf

Music is one of the best expressions of worship. With music you can let go and sing your praises to The One who gave his life up to save us. Praise to Overflow is the first major event of SNL (Saturday Night Life) – a weekly activity for young professionals who want to learn more about Leadership, Teamwork and Success.

Praise to Overflow is two hours of non-stop music and worship. Get ready to be overjoyed and overwhelmed as we give our all for the Audience of One.

Worship - Its All About Him

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Long ago, one Man gave his life to defeat sin and set mankind free. 2000 years later, we stand united, celebrating the glory of His resurrection over all the earth. Praise to Overflow is an entire night filled with music, singing, dancing and worship all directed upwards to the Man whose endless grace covers the world. As his love comes down, so our praises go up.

-John Laurente, SNL Worship Leader

See you this Saturday, 6pm at the Elevate Hub!

Go live a Truly Wealthy life!


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