Puerto Princesa, Palawan – City Tour

The Toastmasters Discon was only two and a half days but Stef and I  decided to extend for another week to tour Palawan. On the last day of the District Convention, a city tour was scheduled for the participants who opted tour after the conference. (Some participants chose to take the tour before the convention started.) We were all loaded in one huge bus (all toastmasters!) and our city tour began.

First stop, LRC 908 Market Mall.

2015-05-02 14.32.30

LRC 908 Market Mall is located along Puerto Princesa, North Road. It does not look like your usual mall but rather like a cluster of stalls selling various kinds of pasalubong items such as tamarind candy, cashew nuts, cookies, Palawan T-shirts, bags and of course, pearls. Pearls are a lot cheaper in Palawan. They have 2 kinds: South Sea and Fresh Water Pearls. South Sea Pearls are more expensive. You can buy either those that have been set already or lose pearls.

Second stop, Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Puerto Princesa. 

Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Puerto Princesa 5

Photo by Ed FabonanImmaculate Conception Cathedral, Puerto Princesa

Photo from Ed Fabonan

This century-old cathedral in various hues of blue is located at Barangay Liwanag along Rizal Avenue.It was built during the 1800’s and was a spiritual refuge to many during the war.

Third stop, Plaza Cuartel.

plazacuartel palawan

Photo from palawantoursandadventure.com

Plaza Cuartel is located just right across Immaculate Conception Cathedral . It looks like an ordinary park but it is actually the restored ruins of an old garrison. At the middle is a triangular marker that symbolizes the 143 American prisoners that were burned alive by Japanese soldiers inside a tunnel during World War 2

Third stop, Crocodile Farm (Palawan Wildlife Refuge and Conservation Center).Crocodile farming is the industry of raising and harvesting crocodiles to create commercial products like leather and meat. Here in the Crocodile Farm, two species of Philippines crocodiles are bred: the Philippine saltwater and freshwater crocodile. Aside from crocodiles they also have a mini-zoo and souvenir shop.

palawan city tour crocodile farm 3

Photo by Ed Fabonan

palawan city tour crocodile farm

Photo by Ed Fabonan

crocodile farm palawan

Fourth stop, Mitra’s House. 

This house is owned by the late Senator Ramon Mitra and family and is located on top of a hill. The view is spectacular.

mitra house palawan 6

Photo by Ed Fabonan

mitra house palawan 2

Photo by Ed Fabonan

mitra house palawan 3

Photo by Ed Fabonan

mitra house palawan 2

mitra house 2 palawan

Fifth stop, Baker’s Hill.

20816_10153289273334931_7080767615446027609_nNow This is my favorite stop because Bakers Hill is where all sorts of yummy goodies are made.They have all kinds of breads, pastries and cakes.

bakers-hill-puerto-princesa-palawanPhoto from whatisspontaneous.wordpress.com



bakers hill palawan

bakers hill palawan 2


Photo from girlslittlehub.com


Photo from outoftownblog.com

Their special is the Palawan Hopia which comes in 3 flavors – ube, mongo and pork. On top of that the place is just picture perfect! I had to stop and take pictures of every corner. They have well-manicured gardens, life-sized statues, playgrounds,cafe’s and peacocks.

This was defnitely a great way to end our Toastmasters Conference!


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