Rocheflume’s Real Estate Journey with Truly Wealthy Realty:Mentor & Friend turned Client

I believe that the first people you should focus on helping are those who are already within your network. I met Rocheflume Flores five years ago when I first joined Toastmasters. Through time we bonded over food and numerous cups of coffee in various coffee shops. I came to see Tita Roch, not only as a friend but as a mentor. As one of the top performers in Manulife she has achieved a lot of things that I still aspire for. She taught me a lot about marketing, sales and especially creating great relationships with people. She taught me not to focus on the sales but on the relationships. We are, after all, in the people business.

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RFC, CWM, REP Manulife’s Senior Financial Advisor-Elite MDRT-Court of the Table (COT 2017) GAMA International Management Awardee, Image and Financial Coach

I also made my first investment in life insurance with Manulife through her help. I’ve never really believed in life insurance before. I’ve been investing in the stock market for many years now and I thought that was enough. But numerous conversations with Tita Roch about the benefits of investing in life insurance soon changed my mind. That, and reading Randell Tiongson’s book – Life and Personal Finance which Tita Roch gave me as a gift.

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During our conversations Tita Roch mentioned to me that she wanted to invest in her first house. I assessed her needs and, based on what she wanted, showed her several houses. But since she was always traveling, she couldn’t make a decision immediately. It was after a few years when she finally decided to invest in a ready for occupancy house in Xavier Estate Phase 5, Ventura Residences. The journey we travelled wasn’t as smooth as I wanted it to be. We hit some bumps along the way but thankfully everything turned out well. In fact, I just turned over her unit to her last week. It’s now scheduled to be remodeled by her Architect Russell Legaspi. I can’t wait to see the finished product!
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Thank you for assisting us from planning to turn over. We had challenges along the way, but you really extended the SUPERDUPER extra mile to make our ist project “Happy and Successful”😊😊😊
Thank you for being patient and understanding, Lex.😘
So blessed to have you as a friend,a sister, a dear client and our Realtor..😘😘😘
Praying for more.projects to come.😇😇😇

-Rocheflume Flores
RFC, CWM, REP Manulife’s Senior Financial Advisor-Elite MDRT-Court of the Table (COT 2017) GAMA International Management Awardee, Image and Financial Coach

What I’ve learned in my five years as a real estate broker, is that it’s really about the relationship that you have with your clients that matters. You may hit some snags along the way, but when you continue to be there for your client and serve them the best way you can, you’ll be able to strengthen your relationship even more.

roch flores + truly wealthy realty client

It’s not about what you get but what you give. It’s about the value that you impart to other people.

What about you?

As a salesperson, do you feel like you’re not making enough sales? Do you feel like you’re doing everything you can and yet your prospects don’t seem to be responding? Or perhaps you find it hard to even set meetings with potential clients?

Focus on adding value and the money will follow. If you want to make a career in real estate selling, then email or call us and we’ll help you get to where you want to be.

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Who is a person you know buying their first home – could be a renter or a son/daughter of a friend. Please email me with their name and situation. I promise they’ll get the excellent service they deserve.

PS 2
Need advice on how to manage your finances? You may contact Rocheflume Flores at 0917 549 7888. She really knows what she’s doing and goes out of her way to serve clients. I should know since I’ve invested in 3 policies with her.

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