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BoLex Say I Do: Our Love Story

RWP_165Our story began 3 years ago when we sat beside each other at a Toastmasters meeting. I didn’t think anything of it and nothing much happened on that first meeting. Then after several months, we met again at another Toastmasters meeting. We hung out for coffee the following day to discuss about the companies we were running. At that time, Jong was the CEO of a start-up company while I was the CEO of Truly Wealthy Realty. I mentioned to him that building a business is hard work and you often are tempted to work all the time. But being part of a discipleship group at CCF helps me keep things in perspective. This got him curious and he asked if he could accompany me to church the next day (which was Sunday). This was the start of his Christian journey. He joined the same discipleship group that I was in and we started hanging out more -most of the time with our fellow dgroup members.


A few months later, he asked our Dgroup leader if he could pursue me. But our Dgroup leader said no, not yet. And so he waited for 1 year, before he gained our dgroup leaders approval and my moms permission to officially court me. That decision to wait meant more to me than anything he could have said because it meant that he truly loved the Lord. And so 1 year later, when he asked me out on our first official date, with a bouquet of roses in his hand, he told that his intention for this courtship was marriage. Although he was only asking for my permission to court me, it felt like a marriage proposal. I told him that I would pray about it. And I did. And it has lead us to this momentRWP_376RWP_558Through this journey, I learned 3 things:
First, know your worth. For single ladies out there, don’t settle. Choose a man who knows your worth and who will state his intentions from the start. Don’t settle for guys who pursue half-heartedly with unclear intentions. Don’t allow men to disrespect you or take you for granted. Look for a man who will really pursue you. For me, I wanted to be courted the old fashioned way – and although I didn’t tell my husband that, that’s exactly how he pursued me. He asked my dgroup leader, my mom and then he asked me if he could court me.


Second, choose to become the right person. We now live in a time that idealizes love and romance. We keep on searching for the right mate. but the question is, are we working on ourselves to be Mr or Ms Right? Love isn’t only about our partners fulfilling our needs. It’s about working together to add value to each other. And to be able to add value, we need to be intentional in working on our personal growth. RWP_394

Third, love is a choice. We choose to love even when the going gets tough. Because let’s face it,our partners are imperfect and so are we. When you throw two imperfect people together, there is sure to be conflict. It won’t always be hearts and flowers, but when both of you decide to stick with each other for better or for worse, to adjust and make compromises, that’s when your love will grow. Now that’s a love worth keeping.


A wedding is one of the milestones of ones life. Because it marks the beginning of a different life. Once married, 2 become 1. As our pastor said, it’s only in marriage that you experience the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows. It can be as beautiful or as stormy as you want it to be.


I’m positive that with Christ at the center of our marriage, we will not be shaken. We’d like to thank everyone who came and celebrated with us on our special day – our family and friends, our sponsor, our suppliers and to the Lord. This wouldn’t have been possible with all your love and support.


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