The Epic Love Story of Titanic

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Who hasn’t heard of the timeless love story of Jack and Rose in Titanic? I remember watching it when I was in the 4th grade. The movie had ended but I didn’t want to move from my seat. It was so romantic and yet tragic. The me-against-the-world, I-would-die-for-you kind of love. So when Pastor Fernie showed a photo of Jack and Rose at the CCF service yesterday, it brought back a rush of memories. I thought that was the only epic love story of Titanic. It turns out, it wasn’t.

On the eve 1912, The Titanic, a luxury steam ship set sail from England to New York. On that ship was a 39-year-old Scotish pastor from Great Britain, John Harper, with his 9-year-old daughter. They had just finished their daily devotion when they heard a commotion outside. It turned that The Titanic had hit an iceberg and was slowly sinking. Harper quickly helped his daughter into one of the life boats and went back to the ship to help save more people. One of the survivors recall seeing Harper praying with terrified passengers on the deck for their salvation. While everyone else was busy fighting for their life, Harper was focused on saving them not only in this lifetime but for eternity.

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John Harper’s last convert

In the ice-cold water, John Harper was doing his best to save as many people as he could. One Scottish survivor, Steve Crain, recalls that fateful night when the ocean waves brought John Harper near him.

“Are you saved?” Harper called out to him while holding on to a piece of wood.

“No I am not.” Replied the Scotsman.

“Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved.” Was John Harpers reply.

“Are you saved?” Harper asked for the second time.

“No,” Replied Crain.

“Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved.” (Acts 16:31) Harper repeated. Then, loosing his hold on the wood, John Harper sank to the depths of the ocean. Never to be seen again.

Steve Crain, in that moment, accepted Jesus as Lord and savior of his life. And he was John Harpers last convert.

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I’ve always thought that the story of Jack and Rose was the epic love story of Titanic. It turns out, it isn’t. John Harpers story surpasses their love story in ways that can’t be explained. His love for Jesus Christ goes beyond life. Because he knew he was already saved, he wasn’t afraid to die. And up until his last breath, he continued to preach the Gospel.

We are all called to make disciples of all nations. That is our great commission. Our ultimate calling.

When was the last time you shared Jesus to someone?

God has given believers the responsibility of spreading the Gospel to all the world, and we need to use all at our disposal to accomplish this task.

Theodore Epp

I admit that I don’t do it as often as I should. John Harpers story, the epic love story of Titanic, reminded of what I should be doing everyday. So many people need the Lord. As His children, it is our privilege to share the Gospel to as many people as we can.

You have one business on earth – to save souls.
― John Weslet

Don’t wait for your last moments on earth to share the Gospel. Start doing it today.

Go live a Truly Wealthy life.


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