The Hopeless Romantic

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I’ve been raised on a steady diet of salads and novels. Books have always been a huge part of me. My mom loved to read and she passed on that same love for books to me. One of my favorite past times was reading romance novels. I love fairy tales and happy endings. Dashing dukes and beautiful maidens. The romance, the glitz, the promise of forever. I’ve always dreamed of finding my prince charming.

When I was in college, I described my ideal guy to one of girl friends. And she said, “You know what, you’ll never find him. He doesn’t exist! There’s no such thing as Mr. Perfect.” At the time, I was adamant that, yes, my Mr. Perfect did exist!

Then I did meet him. My ideal guy. He was perfect on paper. He was handsome, fun to be with, smart, knew all the right words, a good speaker, rich and he even had abs. But when I got what I wanted, I realized that it wasn’t what I really wanted. Yes, romance is important. But it’s not all that matters.

You really want someone who will stick with you through thick and thin. Someone who makes the effort to care about the things that interest you. Someone who will make time to be with you despite his busy schedule. Someone who will take the time to read the books you share and watch the videos you send. Someone who will comfort you when you’re down and help you find a solution to your problem. Someone who will lead you, love you and provide for you. Someone who loves God more than you.

A true Prince Charming is someone who will love you no matter what.

Sometimes women have crazy notions about what love is. But really it’s about commitment. The promise to be with each other for better or for worse. Yes, I’m still a romantic at heart. I love moonlit walks on the beach, fancy dinners and flowers. But I know now what truly matters.

Love is about creating the kind of relationship where both of you can be honest with each other and grow together.

What about you? What are the things that you look for in your ideal man?

There is no one size fits all Prince Charming. Because they come in different packages. There is no “perfect guy”. There’s just the guy that’s perfect for you. Your best match. The one who’ll accept you for who you are, grow with you and truly commit to you.

One day, out of darkness, they shall meet, and read life’s meaning in each other’s eyes.”
-Susan Mara Spalding

Go live a Truly Wealthy life.


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