The Use of Inception to Influence Others

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Inception is a 2010 science fiction heist film written and directed by Christopher Nolan and starred by Leonardo DiCaprio. Nolan worked on the script for 10 years before it finally materialized into a movie that won 4 Academy Awards. Inception is based on the idea that a person could enter into another persons subconscious mind through his dreams. And through that dream, plant an idea. When that person wakes up, he will think that idea came from him when in fact it came from inception.

When I first watched Inception a few years back, I thought, how devious. Inception is a whole new way of manipulating people to bend to your will. I always thought inception was pure fiction. That it was just a movie. But after watching it for the second time, I realized, it is real. Every time we share our ideas and values to the people around us, we are performing inception.


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We live in a world that is highly connected. And I’m not only talking about technology. Almost none of the ideas that we have is purely an original. Every thought, each belief came from someone or something. It may have been from a book, a movie we watched, random thoughts of a friend or the intentional teachings of a parent. We may think an idea is our own, but actually, it’s not. With all the things around us that influence our thoughts, no idea is purely our own.

You are influenced by your environment and your environment is influenced by you.

In the movie, inception could happen only if you were able to successfully get inside the deepest recesses of your subjects subconscious. So your subject had to either open his mind to you or you could get in his safe place and plant the idea without his knowing it. In the same way, in life, you are influenced greatly by two things: the people that you care about most or the incidents that had strong emotional impact. Because we often don’t remember the facts but we remember how we felt in that moment. Emotion is a powerful memory enhancer.

Being able to perform inception, to influence a person to do something is powerful thing. And we each have that power. We each have a certain degree of influence and it is our choice how to use that influence. Through inception, we can either build people up or destroy them.

We can sometimes be careless with our words and actions. But we don’t know how much influence we wield. And how that can affect the life of another person in ways we cant imagine.

With great power comes great responsibility. You have the power to plant ideas into another persons mind. What kind of ideas will your plant? Will it be ideas about love, service and humility? Or will it be about selfishness, pride and greed?

An idea is like a virus. Resilient. Highly contagious. And even the smallest seed of an idea can grow. It can grow to define or destroy you.


The next time you share your ideas to the world, think for a moment, will this make the world a better place?

Go live a Truly Wealthy Life.



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