This 2017 – I Don’t Want to Live for Me

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The hardest part about being a Christian is not in accepting Christ. For me, that’s the easy part. And it’s only the beginning. The challenge that all Christians face is in being consistent in honoring and obeying God. I admit that I am not as consistent as I should be. Although I’ve been consistently attending a discipleship group and leading one every week, I find that I still struggle with sin. I still have the tendency to put my own desires above God’s desires. I guess some improvement is that I am now more sensitive to sin compared to before. But I still have a long way to go.

My past new years resolutions have been all about me. About hitting a certain financial goal, winning a contest or getting that dream body. But this year, I don’t want to live for me. I want to be more consistent in honoring and obeying you Lord. You, after all, are the reason why I am here. You are the source of everything. The only thing I can give you is my life. I want to live for you. I just want to be used by you.

Moriah Peters, an American contemporary Christian singer captures it perfectly with her song Don’t Want to Live for Me.

Here and now, I surrender all my life.
I take this vow and abandon me tonight.
No more going down and up and down so selfishly.
No more going up and down and up, you take the lead.
I don’t want to live for me.  

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Moriah’s story has been such a inspiration for me. She auditioned for Americal Idol a few years back but was criticized by the judges for her wholesome image, telling her to live life – kiss a boy – before joining the music industry. Moriah believed in waiting for marriage and thus had a ‘no kiss rule’. It’s often hard to stand for your values in this relativistic world of ours. But although Moriah didn’t win in American Idol, a random stranger (also a Christian), touched by the stand she chose to take, approached her after the audition introduced her to Wendi Foy. It was Wendi who helped her make a demo to market to record labels in Nashville. Because of this, Moriah was eventually able to join Reunion Records in 2011 and released her first album I Choose Jesus in 2012. Now she’s happily married to Joel Smallbone from the band For King & Country and they shared their first kiss on their wedding day.

I love this song because it captures what I want to say. Tonight, on New Years, I abandon myself and choose to live for Jesus. No more going left or right, up and down. I just want to follow the path that my God wants me to take. And by His grace, I can do it.

Following Jesus is not easy or convenient. And sometimes, the world will mock you for your choices. Only those who have also chosen to follow Christ can understand the commitments that believers make. But although it may be hard, when we choose Jesus, it’s always worth it.

What about you – what’s your New Years resolution for 2017?

If you haven’t yet, perhaps you’d like to take this time to accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. I promise, you won’t regret it. It will be the best decision you’ll ever make.

May you live a Truly Wealthy life.


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