Travel Diaries: Bohol 2016

What I love most about the Philippines is the natural wonders that abound in our country. We are so blessed to have all this beauty just within our grasp. I’ve traveled around the Philippines and it still amazes me every time just how beautiful our country is.  When my brother and his wife told us we were going to meet up for a family vacation in Bohol, I was psyched. Although I’ve been to Bohol several times already, it’s attractions still amaze me. Besides, I haven’t seen my brother in 3 years since they’re based in Australia. So it would be a great place for our family to bond.

panglao islandPanglao Island

panglao island 2Henan Resort, Panglao

panglao island 3We took a ferry from Cebu to Bohol and upon arriving, checked in at Panglao Regents Park. The seaside of Panglao reminds me of Boracay. The restaurants along the beach, the fresh seafood, trinkets for sale on the beachfront and foot massages give off that Boracay vibe. Panglao is a lot less commercialized though. That’s a plus for me. We enjoyed our first day walking by the beach and eating. Yup. I did a lot of eating. I especially liked the Malunggay ice cream from Bohol Bee Farm. Yummy!

panglao-regents-parkPhoto from

panglao island 4Malunggay ice cream from Bohol Bee Farm

On our second day, we woke up early for our day tour. Here’s our itinerary:

Chocolate Hills
The Chocolate Hills are one of the Philippine’s natural wonders. It’s made from limestone left over from coral reefs during the Ice Age when the island was submerged. These are one of the main tourist attractions in Bohol. We had to climb a flight of stairs to enjoy the awesome view at the top. But it’s well worth it.

chocolate_hillsPhoto from

chocolate hills + bohol island tourbohol island tour chocolate hills

Tarsier Conservation Area
Tarsiers are small creatures, which you can pretty much hold in the palm of your hand. They are nocturnal animals. They sleep during the day and hunt at night. They are also territorial so you can often depend on them to stick to a certain area. Tarsiers are extreme introverts. They live alone for most of the year and only come in contact with other tarsiers around September to October to mate. The conservation area looked like a mini-forest wherein we could view the tarsiers in their natural habitat. Tarsiers have been classified as an endangered species. We couldn’t touch them as constantly touching them would shorten their lifespan.

IMG_5517Photo from

tarsier conservatory + bohol island tour53993_og_1Photo from

Baclayon Church
Baclayon Church is a Roman Catholic church founded by the Jesuit priests Juan de Torres and Gabriel Sanchez in 1596. It’s over 400 years old and has been declared as a National Cultural Treasure by the National Museum of the Philippines. It was hit by an earthquake in 2013 and part of it was still under repair when we visited.

PAA0187Photo from

Blood Compact Site
The blood compact done in Bohol between Datu Sikatuna the chieftain of Bohol and the Spanish explorer Miguel Lopez de Legazpi is called Sandugo meaning “one blood”. It was done way back in 1565 to seal the friendship between the Spaniards and Filipinos. This was the area where this monumental event happened, 451 years ago.

sandugoPhoto from

Bohol Forest
The Bohol Forest is a man-made mahogany forest that stretches on for 2 kilometers on the borders of Bilar and Loboc towns. I love how the trees seem to meet together forming a canopy of greenery beneath the blue sky.

bohol island tour manmade forest bohol island tour manmade forest 2

Bamboo Hanging Bridge
The Bamboo Hanging Bridge is a fun tourist attraction located in the Municipality of Sevilla. The bridge is made form woven bamboo slats and the rails are made from steel cables making it totally safe to cross. Stepping onto the bridge may seem scary at first because of all the movement it makes – especially if there are a lot of people using it. But we still had fun crossing it and I can say it’s very safe.

bamboo hanging bridge 2

Simply Butterflies Conservation Center
The Simply Butterflies Conservation Center is the first butterfly livelihood breading program in Bohol. It’s aim is to protect and increase the butterfly population through breading and research.

bohol island tour butterfly farm

bohol island tour butterfly farm 2 bohol island tour butterfly farm 3 bohol island tour butterfly farm 4 bohol island tour butterfly farm 5 bohol island tour butterfly farm 6

Loboc River Cruise
The Loboc River Cruise is one of Bohol’s most famous tourist attractions. You get to enjoy a delicious buffet of Filipino cuisine while being serenaded by local singers and while enjoying the fresh clean area of the Loboc River. This was my favorite stop because of the all the yummy food I got to eat while on the cruise. Plus we got to enjoy a cultural show by the locals in Bohol. Definitely a must-try!

loboc river tourloboc river tour 2loboc river tour 3 loboc river tour 4 Our Bohol trip was so much fun! Have you visited Bohol? Feel free to share your experience here.

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