Travel Diaries: Dumaguete – Silliman University

I fell in love with Dumaguete City the moment I stepped off the boat and saw the Acacia-lined boulevard. Dumaguete City holds a lot of happy memories for me. Mainly because it’s where Silliman University is located – my alma matter. That’s why even thinking about Silliman brings a smile to my face. That’s why when we were planning our family vacation, I was so excited about visiting Dumaguete again.

silliman university bell towerDumaguete Bell Tower

dumaguete city tour

Silliman University was founded back in 1901,more than 100 years ago, with the help of a retired businessman and philanthropist from New York, Dr. Horace Silliman. Silliman is rich in history, art and culture. Walking through the university is akin to walking through a huge museum. It’s filled with history, stories of the past that live on through the structures that remain and the people that tell their stories. The music scene is also quite vibrant. Every February, there’s a song writing contest that Sillimanians can join in. The only requirements are first, you need to be a Sillimanian. And second, your song has to be an original composition. Luce Auditorium, a world-class auditorium, regularly holds shows such as musicals, piano concerts or ballets. And if you’re into art, then there’s an art org you can join to enhance and showcase your craft.

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silliman-university3SU Portal of Knowledge (Photo from

dumaguete boulevardDumaguete Boulevard

silliman university carson hallEdith Carson Hall is one of the three all-girls dormitory in Silliman University. They also have three all boys dorms. The best thing about living here is, aside from it’s air-conditioned, it’s located right inside the campus. So you just have to walk towards your classes. Plus, it’s beside the boulevard. It’s so refreshing to wake up  to the sound of waves crashing on the sea shore.

edith carson hall

silliman university church 2Silliman University Church

silliman university churchsilliman university tempura ni bossingThe Original Bossings Tempura

You can’t visit Dumaguete and not try Bossings Tempura. It’s the best tempura ever – and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t really eat tempura. Bossings Tempura has sauces ranging from 1 to 5, with 1 being the least spicy and 5 being the spiciest. I tried this when I was a freshman. I couldn’t even finish one piece because tears started flowing out of my eyes the moment I started eating. I can only tolerate sauce number 3.  It’s now open for franchise. Bossing’s Tempura currently has about 5 branches around Dumaguete City.

panda fried ice cream

Panda fried ice cream

Another thing I love about Dumaguete City is the fooood! There are so many delicious and affordable food places scattered around the city. You can really go fat from all the yummy food here if you don’t control yourself. I think almost all of us gained weight during our freshman year. silliman university

Silliman truly provides a wide range of opportunities for students to grow into who they are destined to be. I’ve had a lot of great experiences in Silliman University. Even though being a student nurse wasn’t easy, my college days are filled with joyful memories. As I walked through the Acacia-lined trees of Silliman University, I couldn’t help but recall my college days. Studying on the steps of the Siliman library, talking with my dorm-mates outside Carson Hall and practicing the piano at Guy Hall. I’ve been to several colleges around the Philippines, but for me, nothing beats Silliman University.

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